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<Embed Elemental> is like adding recruitment horsepower to your internal team. Unlike actually hiring an internal resource, Elemental comes with all of the systems, processes and experience to hit the ground running. We can also be embedded for as much, or as little time as you need, so you're not paying for additional internal recruitment resources when they're not needed.

If you have a period of high or sustained headcount growth, or perhaps you are opening up in a new location, Elemental can provide you with a full recruitment lifecycle service on a PAYG basis. Your candidates. Your process. Your brand. No placement fees.

The Elemental Way...


Candidate Generation...

Selecting <Embed Elemental> is choosing to add volume and quality to your applicant pipeline. To attract the best candidates we:


  • Design, implement and manage targeted recruitment marketing campaigns.

  • Generate talent maps for your key roles and make direct approaches to highly relevant candidates.

  • Maintain long-term candidate pipelines to keep the talent that maters to your business engaged for future requirements.

All candidates are treated as direct applicants to your business. This means we never share them with other clients, and there are no placement fees for anyone you hire through our sourcing efforts


The Assessment...

The depth of assessment conducted before you hire goes a long way to predicting how well or otherwise a new employee will perform in the long run. 

We understand that this stage is crucial to achieving the very best results for you. 

While you will also conduct your own interviews, you will do so with in-depth assessment results on each candidate ahead of those meetings, giving you valuable insights into their strengths, weaknesses, traits and attitudes. 

In addition to our full behavioural and competency based interviews, you select the additional assessments that mater to you, including:

  • Numerical Reasoning

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Situational Judgement

  • Personality Assessment

The Interviews...


Once you have selected the candidates that you wish to proceed to interview, we will work with the hiring managers to ensure that the interview process is robust, effective and efficient. As required, we will:

  • Co-ordinate all candidate interviews

  • Design bespoke interviews, targeted at effectively assessing the key attributes for the roles in question

  • Assist in the delivery of all interviews (on-site or remotely)

  • Co-ordinate and contribute to close-out / hiring decision meetings

A well organised interview process is crucial to securing the right hire. It also increases the likelihood of offer acceptance and future engagement from candidates who are not selected this time around. We help you every step of the way.

The Feedback & Offers...


This is about maximising the chances of successfully securing your number one choice, as well as enhancing your employer brand for the future. 

Timeous and constructive candidate feedback, positive or not, is essential to these aims. We will:

  • Provide full feedback to all interviewees and seek their permission to keep in touch (in compliance with GDPR legislation)

  • Gain a clear understanding candidate expectations for the offer stage

  • Consult on market compensation and benefits conditions

  • Deliver your offer to the candidate and secure acceptance

This stage requires close management and care. We are experts at this.


The Onboarding...

As you know, a role is not filled when a candidate accepts your offer. Often there can be a large time-lag from that point until the start date. We manage this process throughout to ensure there are no complications, including:

  • Assisting the candidate through the process of handing in their notice

  • Delivering regular check-ups with candidates during their notice period

  • Ensuring that the business is prepared to receive the candidate (e.g. workspace, IT, special provisions etc.)

  • Welcoming the candidate and helping them to settle into their new environment


The onboarding of a candidate in the right way is crucial to their performance and their overall experience of your business. We make sure that the process is flawless.


The Timescales...

The length of time that you require the support of the <Embed Elemental> service will depend on the number and complexity of the roles you need to fill. The service is delivered on a one-month rolling contract basis, so you can decide the duration of support that you need. 

We can begin supporting you with as little as one week's notice. 

Once we are engaged we can move very quickly to begin generating candidates for your roles. 

Our in-house technology allows us to quickly identify relevant candidates to approach based on things like key skills, experience level, location and salary expectations.

Once we have completed an assignment with you, you can turn the service on or off as required to meet your hiring needs. 


The Price...

This is not a 'Placement Fee' service. So fees are not based on individual placements or the salary levels of the candidates you hire. 

This means that in any given month you can hire as many candidates as you want, and our monthly fee will not change. 


Our fees are calculated based on the number of roles, the complexity of roles and the number of locations across which you need to hire.

An example...

  • Number of Roles: 15

  • Number of locations: 2

  • Average Salary on Offer: £45,000

  • Expected Project Duration: 6 months

  • Monthly Service Fee: £6,000 (excl. VAT) 

Using this example, you'd save over 65% (or £60,000) of your recruitment costs, versus using a traditional agency fee model to fill of of your roles. 

To see how much you can save and how <Embed Elemental> would work for your business, you can get a quick and easy tailored quote on the link below.


Alternatively, you can book a free discovery call to discuss your requirements in more detail

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