6 Actions to Take Right Now if You're Looking for a New Job...

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Knowing how to begin your job search can be tricky. Happily, there are some concrete actions you can be taking right away to improve your success rate. Here are six actions you can take to get you moving in the right direction.

1. Register with good recruiters

If you’ve worked with good recruiters in the past, let them know as soon as possible that you are on the market again. A recruiter cannot create a job for you, so set your expectations. But they will have access to opportunities that you may not have. They will also have relationships with key people in your niche and will be able to introduce you. They will also serve as an automated part of your search by brining you relevant opportunities as soon as they come up. If you’ve not worked with recruiters or headhunters before, get some recommendations. Ask your colleagues who they rate and get in touch.

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2. Get your CV in order and get it out there

Your CV is a marketing document. It’s purpose is not to get you a job, but to get you interviews. Structure it with this purpose in mind. Keep it brief, targeted and full of value.

Once you’re happy with your CV you need to get it out there. By all means, tweak it occasionally to improve your results. But you don't need to re-write it every time you send it somewhere. Recruiters and employers are searching CV databases all the time for relevant candidates. Get your CV onto the major job boards in your sector and increase the chances of recruiters and employers coming to you.

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3. Get your social media profiles in order

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of your online profiles in your job search. Poor profiles will close opportunities before you even hear about them. Strong profiles can be like an opportunity magnet.

LinkedIn is an obvious place to start. But don’t neglect your other channels. Employers and recruiters are also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. Make sure you show up well everywhere.

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4. Connect with relevant people

Let’s take LinkedIn as the example here. It is a networking site. You can’t network without speaking to new people. You do not need to know someone personally to invite them to connect.

Once you have identified the kinds of roles and companies you are interested in, go and connect with relevant people. My advice would be to identify the people who would most likely be your boss in that company and connect directly with them. They may not have anything just now. But you’ll now be on their radar for when they do.

Go make friends!

5. Be active in the conversation

Linkedin search algorithms are biased towards completeness of profile and engagement on the platform. This means if you have a poor profile and you never post / like / comment / share, you won’t show up high in search results. Recruiters and employers are searching LinkedIn all the time to find relevant candidates. You want to be easy to find and easy to engage with.

In addition to optimising your profile, get involved in conversations in your niche. Show yourself to be proactive and knowledgeable.

You’ll be surprised by the results that this action alone can achieve.

6. Set up notifications

It’s easy to spend hours trawling the job boards for relevant opportunities. And yes, keeping up to speed on posted job ads is an important part of your search strategy. But the returns from this activity are low, relative to the time you can invest in it.

Rather than checking every day to see if a new role has been posted, set up alerts. You can do this on any job board that is worth its salt and they will email you with the kinds of jobs you’re looking for whenever they are posted. Likewise, you can set up google alerts to stay informed about companies you are targeting. And many individual employer career sites have notification functions too.

To keep track of everything, it’s worth setting up a dedicated email account just for your job search. Just make sure it’s an appropriate name. No one wants to hire maddog1978@gmail.com. You have been warned!

You can help yourself to a host of Free Resources right here, including a CV Writing guide, as well as Personal Profile and Cover Letter templates.

Happy hunting and get in touch anytime if we can help in any way!

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