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Is poor recruitment hurting your business?

Hiring is difficult! It can feel like it's all just 'hit and hope'. Getting it wrong is expensive and a poor process will eat up your time. 

We specialise in Technical, Commercial & Leadership hiring for SMEs in the Technology and Engineering space. Offering varying levels of support to fit with your business needs and your own particular challenges. Helping you to deliver now, and setting you up for better results in the future. 

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Headhunting: But not as you know it...

Sometimes you have roles that would be good to fill and lots of different people could fit the bill. Other times you have roles that you must fill, and few people have what you need.

Headhunting - or Retained Search - is for the latter.

The trouble is, with old school headhunting, you carry a disproportionate cost risk and you're usually left in the dark throughout. 

We take the the risk on and offer a 12 month placement guarantee to give you clarity and confidence. We're crystal clear on our process and the work we do on your behalf.

What to know how that works?

<Embed Elemental>: Your own in-house talent partner...

Are you consistently engaging with the best people in the market, rather than just sporadically seeing the people who are on the market?

With <Embed Elemental> you're not buying candidates; you're adding recruitment capacity and expanding your reach.

No agency ownership. No placement fees. 

This is proactive recruitment. When you need to hire, you have a pool of engaged candidates who want to work with you. 

Perfect for adding extra capacity to ongoing hiring needs, and boosting the relevance and volume of your applicants when you need them.

Candidate Boost: Get more qualified applicants for your open roles...

This is our 'Contingency Recruitment' offering. AKA: no-win-no-fee. Register your vacancy with Elemental. We'll share qualified candidates with you. If you choose not to hire anyone you don't pay us anything.

We proactively market your opportunity to the qualified candidates in our database and extended network. We'll screen and interview all interested candidates and share them with you if they meet your criteria. 

Perfect to boost your applicant quality as well as adding to your qualified applicant reach when you have a number of roles to fill. 

Want to know more about how this can work for your business?

How much do you really know about your talent pools? What about opening new business territories?

Get a comprehensive view of competitors, compensation, diversity and more...

Your employer brand is not only affected on the way in...

To be a truly great business you must take care of people on the way out too!

We can help.

The best way to hire is always evolving. Tools, techniques, processes and legislation.

Let us help you put together a top-tier hiring process...


Technical Director, Construction

Thorough, efficient, courteous, professional and helpful. This is how recruiting should be done.

HR Manager, Energy

Graham always listens to the needs of our hiring managers and continually strives to provide a service, where in such a competitive field, is of the highest quality

Technical Support, Software

He helped me land a multilingual job at an international company. If it weren't for his support and recruitment techniques, I would never have been headhunted for this position.

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