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Candidate Boost: it's about adding quality over quantity...

If you struggle to attract enough high quality candidates for your advertised roles, Elemental can give you a boost. Encouraging enough interest from qualified applicants is the first step to a successful hiring campaign. Without this, you'll be repeatedly picking the best of a bad bunch. Not how anyone wants to build their team.

Our Candidate Boost offering is all about supplementing your own hiring efforts and adding to your options when it comes to making the final hiring decision. What's more, you don't pay us a penny until such times as you choose to hire one of our candidates. We'll get to know exactly what you need and take it to our extensive candidate network. Then we'll select the best Qualified, Interested and Available candidates for your consideration. Pretty straight forward! 

The Elemental Way...

Registering a vacancy...


It is so easy to register a vacancy with us. Just share some basic information on the link below and we can start the wheels in motion. Tell us a bit about you, your business and the role you need to fill, and we can get to work.

It cost's nothing to register a role with us and to meet our candidates. If you do decide to hire one of our candidates, pricing is clear from the outset, you'll pay noting until the candidate actually starts and we offer a comprehensive refund and replacement guarantee in case things don't work out.


The Approach...

We have an in-house database of over 50,000 leaders, commercial professionals and technical experts. Our extended organic reach is over 2,000,000 people! 

When you register a vacancy with us, we filter down the candidate pool in line with your requirement (skills, experience, location, salary expectations etc.) and take your opportunity directly to the candidates who most closely match your needs. 

No post and pray. This is a targeted approach to relevant people. 

Those who are interested in engaging are moved forward to the next step: The Assessment...

The Assessment...


Our approach is all about quality of applicant over quantity. We don't share with you everyone who is interested in the role. We present you with the best candidates who have passed our own interview and assessment process. 

Each interested candidates is given an in-depth interview to gauge their level of suitability, as well as their credibility as a candidate. 

From our initial briefing, we create a scoring matrix against which all candidates are assessed. 

Those who reach the levels required advance and are presented to you. 

The Presentation...


As soon as a candidate passes our assessment stage we will make you aware. You'll receive a full candidate profile, detailing:

  • Working experience and education

  • Additional certifications

  • Salary expectations

  • Current notice period

  • Visa status

  • Interview availability

  • Our assessment insights

Profiles can be shared with you in a number of ways, depending on your working preferences. Whether it's email, cloud space (e.g. iCloud, DropBox, GoogleDrive etc.) or via your own dedicated Elemental Candidate Portal.

It's then up to you to decide which candidates you want to interview.


Additional Support...

Once you select the candidates you want to interview, we can make all of the necessary arrangements to ensure the process runs smoothly.


We'll also handle all candidate feedback and help to deliver any offers in the best possible manner, to maximise your chances of success. 

If you do hire one of our candidates, we will also maintain support through the duration of their notice period to ensure nothing goes wrong at this delicate stage. 


The Timescales...

From our initial briefing to making qualified candidates aware of your role can take as little as 24 hours.

Our in-house technology allows us to quickly identify relevant candidates to approach based on things like key skills, experience level, location and salary expectations.

We present candidates to you individually as soon as they have been assessed. This means you are not waiting for a shortlist before you can start to see the candidates. 

This service is designed to work quickly and deliver on your existing roles. Typically you can expect to see 3-5 qualified, interested and available candidates within 10 working days.


The Price...

Many recruitment firms overcomplicate this. We like to keep things simple and clear.

If you don't hire any of our candidates, you don't pay us anything. 

If you hire one of our candidates, our total placement fee is 15% of basic salary only. We never charge on other elements of remuneration like bonuses, pension contributions or car allowances. Only the basic salary component. 

An example...

  • The Role: Software Engineer

  • The Salary on Offer: £55,000

  • Placement Fee: £8,250 (excl. VAT)


We also include a comprehensive 12-week refund or replacement scheme on all Candidate Boost placements. So you can hire with confidence. 

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